Did you know that the law has recently changed to allow same sex married couples to apply for immigration status for each other? Please contact our office and schedule a free consultation for more information.

Some family based immigration petitions have a waiting list, based on the date on which your I-130 petition was first filed. To check your spot on the waiting list each month, Click Here.

Are you interested in becoming a U.S. citizen but nervous about taking the U.S. citizenship test? The U.S. government has materials to help you study and to answer many of your questions about U.S. citizenship on its website: Click Here.

Do you have a loved one who is being detained by immigration? Find the location of detained immigrants by using this government website: Click Here.

Are you considering hiring a non-attorney to do immigration paperwork for you? Please reconsider. Hiring a notario can result in delaying your application, costing you unnecessary fees, and can even result in you being placed in removal proceedings before an Immigration Judge. See this government website for more information: Click Here.

Are you wondering what documents you should bring to your initial consultation with an immigration attorney? Please see our helpful list here.

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